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On this website you can see the photos made by Mathieu Osenga.

Photography is my greatest passion, and in my spare time I am always in search of the most beautiful, and the most special places.

My photography has a very distinctive style, and my Conceptual Art is characterized by an intense feeling of desolation, and loneliness in a world transformed by an apocalyptic disaster.

I look at cameras as a tool, therefore I photograph with everything that can capture an image. Such as old analog cameras, but also CCTV lenses I mount on a digital camera.

take inspiration out of music, but also from the work of other photographers:

Lies Baas

Besides my wife, and my love. Lies is a great photographer. She has a remarkable eye for the “ordinary”.

Bas Brader

His photographs are characterized by an overpowering simplicity with well balanced compositions

Sven Fennema

The most amazing photo’s of abandoned locations, and remarkable places

Eus Driessen

Beautiful photographs taken during visits to abandoned buildings, but also other places.

Jip van Bodegom

Very impressive photos. you can also find a lot of tutorials on his website.

Harry Kloosterhuis

All kinds of great photo’s, nightphotography, nature, events and a lot more.

Marcel Lodder

A guy with a lot of tallent and a great eye for amazing B&W photo’s.

Brian Day

Amazing photographer! He makes the ordinary looks surreal.

Ria de Boer Leistra

Just beautiful photo’s of so much, peoples, things, urbex and so much more.